Museums are defined by their collections, each with a unique point of view that is carefully shaped by the mission and vision of the institution. The Morikami Museum is devoted specifically to the acquisition, research, preservation, and exhibition of the story of Sukeji George Morikami and the Yamato Colony and committed broadly to the visual culture created by Japanese and Japanese Americans. The result of this effort over more than 40 years is not just a catalog of objects, but rather a collection of diverse ideas and unique stories illuminated by the objects.

Funded in part by PNC Art Alive,  The Japan Foundation, New York / Center for Global Partnership and the Henri and Tomoye Takahashi Charitable Foundation. 

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Thank you for your interest in donating items to the permanent collection of the Morikami Museum and Japanese Gardens. Morikami collects art and artifacts related to Japanese and Japanese-American history and culture. Please click below for more information regarding donations to our collection.

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