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Morikami’s collections focus on objects that help generate an understanding of the culture of Japan, particularly the period during which the Yamato colonists and the museum’s namesake, George Morikami, lived: the mid-19th to late-20th centuries. Central to the collections are Japanese articles of daily life, dating from the Meiji Period (1868 – 1912) to the present, including fine art and folk art from the same and earlier periods.

Many of these objects are now accessible online, using our collections gallery, made possible by funding from the Freeman Foundation. Please visit often and explore our collections, as we continue to add more objects.

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Artifact ID

Artifact Identification is a service intended to provide you with information about your Japanese artifacts. Sessions are by appointment only, and cost $20 (up to three items).  This service is FREE for members.

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Schedule your appointment with our Chief Curator, Tamara Joy, by phone at 561-495-0233 x 207 or use our contact form.

Artifact ID is not an appraisal service, and no monetary value will be assigned to your objects.