Ume and Uguisu Happi


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happi (法被/半被) is a traditional tube-sleeved Japanese coat, usually worn only during festivals. Happi typically feature symbols and/or text on the lapels, with a larger design on the back of the coat, typically the name or the festival or the participating association; the kanji for (‘festival’ (祭りmatsuri)) may also be present.

This happi is a rosy pink, and decorated with ume(Japanese plum) blossoms, and cheery uguisu(the Japanese bush warbler), an Asian passerine bird more often heard than seen. Its distinctive breeding song can be heard throughout much of Japan from the start of spring.

  • Made in Japan of fine 100% cotton.
  • Machine wash separately in cold water.
  • This happi measures 34″ from neck to hem.
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Ume and Uguisu Happi
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