Peace Crane Ornament


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These Peace Cranes are inspired by the Japanese tradition of folding one thousand paper cranes as a prayer for peace, prosperity, health and good fortune.

Each original Peace Crane is made from handmade Japanese paper. The paper is crafted by artisans in Japan who, while working out of small studios, still make each sheet by hand using traditional techniques. Each sheet of paper is made from renewable plant fibers. The result is durable paper with vibrant hand silk screened designs that are fade resistant and long lasting.

In addition, each crane is strung with a small Austrian lead crystal heart shaped bead on gold colored thread.

These ornaments make wonderful gifts! They may be hung in windows, on plants or Christmas trees, in hospital rooms and in meditation spaces. They are available in an assortment of vibrant colors and patterns. Go ahead and choose the predominant color, we will choose the paper design for you. Each wing and the tail are 3″ long.

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Peace Crane Ornament

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