Koinobori Windsock


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“Koinobori”, carp windsocks, decorate the landscape of Japan from April through early May, in honor of Children’s Day (originally Boys’ Festival) on May 5.

In Japanese culture, the carp symbolizes courage and strength because of its ability to swim up a waterfall.

These carp sets are flown above the roofs of houses. The biggest (black) koinobori is for the father, the next biggest (red) is for the mother, and then, range down in other colors to the smallest carp for the youngest child.

Made of durable nylon.  Made in China.

Small: Measures 23 inches long.
Medium: Measures 37 inches long.
Long: Measures 59 inches long.

Comes in a variety of colors.

Koinobori Windsock
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