Organic Sencha Tea Tins


Choose between organic sencha tea flavored with cherry blossom or peach.

Sakura Sencha:  Freeze-dried cherry blossoms are added to the organic sencha (green tea). Naturally sweet and fruity. This tea comes in a box with an image of Hokusai’s woodblock print titled Mt. Fuji at Gotenyama. Makes a great gift! 1.4 oz, loose tea.

Peach Sencha: Subtle combination of the pleasant taste of sencha green tea with the sweetness of peach and the fresh aroma of mint. Has a fruity and refreshing flavor. Enjoy it coldbrew!  In gift box. 1.4 oz loose tea.

Jugetsudo tea represents more than 160 years of tradition and experience pursuing the highest quality ingredients along with the spirit of “Cha-Zen” – to promise an enjoyable fragrance of tea that will stimulate your senses while providing a sense of comfort.  It was founded by Maruyama Nori, a dried seaweed merchant, in 1854.

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Peach Sencha, Sakura Sencha, Matcha

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