Entertaining the Gods and Man


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By: Alan Scott Pate

For most of us the word “doll” connotes a child’s plaything or a precious collectable, but in Japan ningyō, meaning “human shape,” serve many different purposes, from talismanic and ritual functions to starring in theatrical dioramas and public performances. Few of us, however, have been exposed to the rich traditions surrounding ningyō and the theater. Ningyō, both entertaining in and of themselves and commemorative of various theatrical traditions such as noh, kabuki, and bunraku, have been a part of Japanese culture for many centuries.

The companion catalog to the exhibit, authored and signed by ningyō expert Alan Scott Pate, comprises nearly 60 stunning examples of ningyō exemplifying this little-explored and undiscovered world of Japanese art in full color.

Softcover, 120 pages, signed by author

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Entertaining the Gods and Man
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