Painting Enlightenment Kid’s Info


Here the traveler stands in a boat on the water and points to a moonbeam. In Japan, the moon is a symbol for a mind that is perfectly pure and happy all the time. The Buddha told his followers not to just look at the finger pointing to the moon, but lift their eyes up and look even further to the real goal – the moon and a peaceful mind.

Full Moon Shines on Pagoda

We find the traveler at another tall pagoda with a different statue. The Buddha statue below shines as brightly as the moon up above showing that he is full of wisdom and kindness that shines like light. Can you count how many layers there are on the pagoda?


The lone traveler looks out at the lightning bolt in the sky. This reminds him that life is full of changes that come quickly and without any warning. If he learns to take these changes easily, his life will be happy. If he struggles with new changes, he will not find happiness.

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