There’s lots to see and do at Oshogatsu! See below for the day’s activities (subject to change).


Experience the roar of taiko by Fushu Daiko, the playful shishimai lion dance, and open air koto performances.

Shishimai Stage
Fushu Daiko welcomes the New Year with Shishimai, the Lion Dance, to the beat of taiko drums!
11:00 | 1:30 | 4:00

Koto Stage
Enjoy musical performances by Friends of Koto!
12:00 | 2:00 | 3:30

Scheduled Activities

Tea Ceremony
Observe the peace and quietude that accompanies sado, a traditional Japanese tea ceremony at the Yamato-kan.
1:00 | 3:00

Japanese Gardens 101
Get an introduction and an inside look into one of the six historic gardens of Roji-en. Meets in the lobby.
11:15 | 12:15 | 1:15 | 2:15

Karesansui Garden Raking
Learn about our Late Rock Garden and observe how the raking can be a practice in mindfulness and meditation.

All Day Activities

  • Omikuji, Japanese fortune-telling
  • Games and crafts for All Ages – Try your hand at hanetsuki, Japanese badminton and much more!
  • Pick up your exclusive Oshogatsu t-shirt!

Have our official 2021 designs screen-printed on a t-shirt at the Fine Print Shoppe booth. Bring your own t-shirt (we recommend a light colored shirt) and screen-printing is FREE for the first shirt ($5 per shirt per each additional shirt brought from home).

Don’t have a shirt to bring? No problem! You can purchase a shirt with our design for $10.

Exhibits @ Oshogatsu

On Yamato Island

Explore Morikami’s bonsai collection

Commemorative t-shirt:

Bring your own t-shirt and get a FREE* screenprint compliments of the Fine Print Shoppe with this year’s exclusive Oshogatsu Festival design by Brian Reedy.

Check back at a later date for our Oshogatsu 2021 t-shirt design.

*Your first print is free, each additional print on items you provide is $5.  You can also purchase a shirt with the design for $10.

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