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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who can help me with my membership related questions?

A: Our fully-trained professional membership staff is here to help with anything you need! You can call us at 561-233-1315, or email us at If you’re at the museum, we’re also happy to help you at the Member & Guest Relations desk in the lobby.

Q: I received purple passes when I joined as Netsuke level (or above) member. How do I use them?

A: Purple passes are our gift to you for joining and/or renewing at a supporting membership level. They can be used for daily admission Tuesday – Sunday , 10:00am – 5:00pm (not valid for special events). These passes can be given to friends or family, as you do not have to be present when they are redeemed. Purple passes have a one year expiration; the date can be seen on the back of the pass. Passes are not redeemable for cash.

Q: Can my children or guests come into the Museum with my membership card?

A: No. Membership cards are NOT transferable; a matching photo ID must accompany your membership card upon admission.

Q: I downloaded my new Digital Membership Card – do I still need to show ID when I visit?

A: Yes, we still ask that a matching photo ID be presented with digital cards. If you don’t want to carry your physical ID, you may show us a photo of your ID on your phone. If you haven’t downloaded your digital card yet, we’d love to help! Call our membership office at 561.233.1315 or send us an email at and we’ll be happy to opt you in!

Q: I joined as a Dual member for myself and a guest, but now my partner wants to be named on the membership, can I change it?

A: Yes, membership levels and names can be changed once during the membership year.

Q: How can we help to speed the entrance process on a busy weekend?

A: We want to get you in as quickly and as efficiently as possible! Please have your Membership Card ready with your accompanying photo ID, so we can expedite your check-in.

For a complete list of FAQs, please click here.

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