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Food and Beverage Tickets

In order to accommodate the large amount of guests at the festival, festival food vendors, the beer garden and sake station accept only food and beverage tickets as payment. Food and beverage tickets are available for purchase on festival grounds. Each ticket is equal to $1 and may be purchased by cash or credit card. ATMs are also available on site. The Cornell Café accepts food and beverage tickets in addition to cash or credit cards.

Sapporo Beer Garden

Stop by the Sapporo Beer Garden, located on festival grounds, featuring one of Japan’s most prominent and respected breweries. Choose from a selection of Sapporo Premium, Sapporo Premium Light and Sapporo Black available in bottles and draft. Check back for our 2020 menu!

Cornell Café

The open-air café serves Pan-Asian classics on a terrace overlooking the gardens. The Cornell Café will offer an abridged a-la-carte menu during the festival, but on regular days you can try any of the full menu’s delectable offerings. Check back for our 2020 menu!

Sake Station

Our Sake Station offers a variety of premium Japanese sake as well as tasting notes, and sakes you might not find anywhere else in South Florida. Can’t choose just one? Check back for our 2020 menu!

Festival Food Vendors

On festival grounds, enjoy a variety of Pan-Asian and all-American favorites, including some Japanese-inspired fall flavors, cooked on site by our festival food vendors. Check back for our 2020 menu!

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