Mariko Kusumoto: Unfolding Stories

February 7, 2012 – May 6, 2012

Japanese artist Mariko Kusumoto transforms extraordinary metal sculptures and a variety of found objects and intricate ephemera into music boxes, clocks, and other constructions with multiple doors, compartments, drawers and moving parts. Her meticulous, hand-crafted sculptural vignettes, comprising a mélange of objects, present a wide range of whimsical, often surrealist, scenes reminiscent of various places and times, from 1850s Boston to 1950s Tokyo. Her work incorporates a variety of metal-smithing techniques, etching, enameling, and casting. With each box sculpture, Kusumoto presents a magical world of astounding detail and artistry. The exhibition was organized by Mobilia Gallery, Cambridge, Massachusetts.

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