Falling Water, Soaring Kites

In Falling Water, Soaring Kites the Morikami Museum explored the idea of transformative experiences by highlighting two aspects of Japanese culture that have inspired devotion to ritual, profound poetry, and sublime paintings since the tenth century: the veneration of waterfalls and the art of the humble kite. These seemingly disparate phenomena are actually connected through deeply felt belief systems that include a world of animate and inanimate objects inhabited by the gods. To stand in awe of a vertical wall of water one hundred meters tall or watch with joy as a beautifully decorated kite dances and soars ever higher captures the imagination and holds promise for a transcendent moment, both physical and spiritual. Drawn from the Museum’s Permanent Collection, this exhibition featured a selection of 19th and 20th century prints, paintings, and lacquerware depicting celebrated waterfalls accompanied by a delightful array of bold, colorful kites.
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