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Take Akari: Bamboo Lights

Experience the world of illuminated bamboo at the Morikami

Date: June 13 – September 22, 2024

Location: Yamato-Kan

Featured Artist: Akihiro Mashimo, Bamboo Craftsman (accompanied by two assistant bamboo craftsman)

Experience the world of illuminated bamboo by bamboo craftsman and artisan Akihiro Mashimo. In Japan, Take Akari or Bamboo Light festivals and events are popular in various regions of modern Japan. This movement began over three decades ago and has become a new cultural phenomenon. The bamboo light installations were started with the intention of enlightening people about the critical need for maintaining bamboo forests and educating the community about this important natural resource used in their daily lives. Take Akari: Bamboo Lights is a unique immersive experience for visitors to taste a small part of Japan’s festivities at the Morikami.

Organized by the Morikami Museum and Japanese Gardens. Funded in part by The Jacarlene Foundation, JM Family Enterprises, Inc., and Nobu Hotel Miami Beach.

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