Will You Marry Me? Pendant by Maeda Asagi




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A poignant moment frozen in time – Will You Marry Me? pendant designed by Maeda Asagi. Captured in exquisite detail, this piece portrays two golden figures—the proposer on a bent knee, extending an offering of love and commitment, and the beloved, poised in anticipation. Above them, a shimmering engagement ring, symbolic of an eternal bond, shines brightly, casting ethereal reflections on the textured silver backdrop that evokes a starlit night. As if in a cosmic dance, the intricate starry patterns serve as a reminder that love, like the stars, is timeless and ever-burning.

Materials: sterling silver, 18k gold, plexiglass, cubic zirconia

Measurements: 1″h by 3/4″w by 1/2″d.  3/4″ bale.

Includes a 16″ snake chain in sterling silver.

Additional pieces by Maeda Asagi are available in-store only.

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Will You Marry Me? Pendant by Maeda Asagi
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