Wildflowers Ray Necklace by Maeda Akiko



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Embrace the gentle serenity of nature with the Wildflowers Ray necklace by artist Maeda Akiko, mother and mentor to Maeda Asagi.  Every bead, petal, and gem mirrors the delicate intricacies of wildflowers that dance in the breeze across meadows and hills. Pearlescent charms, reminiscent of early morning dew, are paired with soft-hued stones that seem to have captured the essence of springtime blossoms. Designed to sit gracefully against the collarbone, this necklace is a harmonious blend of elegance and earthiness. When adorned, it’s as if one is wearing a personal meadow, bringing a touch of the wild and free to everyday life.

Materials: Tahitian black pearl, South Sea pearl, serpentine, peridot, prehnite, Akoya pearl, sterling silver.

Measurements: 18″ total length.

This piece has sold, but more pieces by Maeda Akiko are available in-store only.

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