Vintage Silk Haori- Green, Gold, and Slate Gray


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Vintage haori in silk with a green, gold, and slate gray feathered stripe pattern. The lining is decorated with whimsical depictions of chickens.

The haori is a traditional Japanese hip- or thigh-length jacket worn over a kimono. During the early 1800s, geisha in the hanamatchi of Fukugawa, Tokyo began to wear haori over their kimono. Haori had until that point only been worn by men; the geisha of Fukagawa, well known for their stylish and unusual fashion choices, set a trend that saw women wearing haori become commonplace by the 1930s. In modern-day Japan, haori are worn by both men and women.


  • Width from center back to sleeve opening: 25″
  • Sleeve length: 17″
  • Neck to hem: 32″

This is a vintage piece of clothing, and as such there may be small age related spots or snags present on the garment. These are minor and will not take away from the overall beauty and uniqueness of these one-of-a kind pieces.

More vintage haori available in-store.

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Vintage Silk Haori- Green, Gold, and Slate Gray
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