Good Health Teacup


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10 Ways to Good Health

Whether you live in America or Japan, these are great rules to follow to improve your health. They include: “Less Alcohol, More Tea; Less Eating, More Chewing; Less Anger, More Laughter;” plus 7 additional thought-provoking ideas.

Teacups without handles are the traditional style of Asian teacups. In fact, when tea was first introduced to Europe, it was served in Japanese style handle-less tea cups. Asian teacups come in various sizes. Cups like these are traditonally used for drinking green tea.

This cup measures 4″ high and 2 ¾” diameter and holds approx. 10 fl. oz.

Microwave and Dishwasher Safe; Food Safe; Made in Japan.

Good Health Teacup

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It’s time to start healing in the gardens together, but six feet apart.
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