Kabuto Kazari Origami Kit


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This kit includes all of the materials to make a kabuto (helmet) with kuwagata (helmet crest)  and agemaki (decorative knots), display stand, accessories, and decorative screen.

In Japan May 5th is a public holiday called Children’s Day. This traditional celebration of children retains the trappings of its warrior-class roots, with swords, helmets, and other symbols of samurai culture ensuring that children grow up healthy and strong. Also known as tango no sekku, it is one of five seasonal holidays observed since ancient times.

Dating back to the Edo period, families with boys will also decorate their homes with miniature samurai armor and helmet or a samurai warrior doll called musha ningyo as a tradition. These displays are normally modelled after brave warriors of folk tales such as Momotaro and Benkei – which are set up to inspire children to be strong and powerful.

Includes instructions in both English and Japanese.

Scissors and glue not included.


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Kabuto Kazari Origami Kit
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