Cast Iron Furin- Dragonfly on Leaf


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A Japanese wind chime, known as a furin (風鈴, literally “wind bell”) in Japanese, is a small bell usually found hanging from the balconies and porches of Japanese houses in summer. Most Japanese wind chimes consist of three parts: the bowl or bell-shaped exterior, known as the gaiken, the bell clapper, zetsu, and arguably the most characteristic of the furin, the tanzaku, strips of colorful paper that hangs and flutters in the summer breeze. As the wind catches the tanzaku, it causes the clapper to chime. Not only does this create a visual representation of the blowing wind, the gentle ringing sound has become associated with a cool, refreshing feeling.

This furin is made from cast iron, and features a black dragonfly perched on a leaf, and hangs from an iron chain.

Total length with paper attached approx. 29″.

Made in Japan


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Cast Iron Furin- Dragonfly on Leaf
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