Almost to Reach the Flower Pendant by Maeda Asagi

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Pendant by Maeda Asagi

Step into a world of unbridled joy and communal aspirations with the Almost to Reach the Flower pendant,  designed by Maeda Asagi. This evocative piece showcases three intricate figures—a tall man, a child, and a more petite female figure – each with arms outstretched toward the heavens in a gesture of celebration or perhaps longing. The backdrop depicts trees reaching skyward, harmonizing with the human figures in their collective yearning. The green ornaments serve as whimsical leaves, while the purple ones introduce an element of mystery—are they balloons, dreams, or maybe tokens of unfulfilled wishes?

Materials: sterling silver, 18k gold, green garnet, ruby, methacrylic resin.

Measurements: 1 6/8″ h by 1″ w by 3/4″ d. 3/4″ bale.

Includes a 24″ sterling silver link chain.

This piece has sold, more pieces by Maeda Asagi are available in-store only.

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