We Want You!

If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to go behind the scenes at a Morikami festival, or if you’re searching for a fun way to give back, search no further – volunteering at Lantern Festival gets you Morikami insider status and most of all, supports yours truly!

Volunteer responsibilities range from lantern building to helping out in the galleries and everything in between. We’re looking for individuals, small groups and large groups to help us make Lantern Festival a success. Volunteers are the backbone of our programs and events, so we thank you in advance for being such an integral part in this celebration.

Want to see what you’re in for? Check out the gallery below for snapshots of our volunteers in action and head over to our festival volunteer page to fill out an application. We’ll see you in October!


2 thoughts on “We Want You!”

  1. We are japanese/brazilian, we speak Japanese, English and Portuguese, we moved from Japan to USA. I have 3 children. We 3 want to volunteer, but my old son is senior and need to start soon to get more hours for bright future program. If you guys have anything for us or just for the boys please let me know!
    I thank you guys in advance for your attention.
    Telma Yamasaki (mom)
    Jun Yamasaki
    Ryuji Yamasaki.

    • Hi Jun,
      We would love to have you and your family to become volunteers at our museum. Here is the page for you to visit, see what we are looking for and then fill out the appropriate applications: https://morikami.org/volunteer/

      To volunteer on a weekly basis, an initial interview with the Volunteer Coordinator is required. Email mmvols@pbcgov.org to schedule an interview.

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