Hatsume Fair 2016: The Best Ever?

#TBT to that time we all came out to Morikami for Hatsume Fair 2016 and had a blast! Now, maybe you guys can settle the argument once and for all, but we’re convinced it was the best Hatsume Fair yet! Between the incredible turnout, the delicious Japanese eats, and a jam-packed entertainment schedule, there was something for everyone to love! Here are our top 10 picks for what made Hatsume Fair 2016 stand out:

#10 – We kept it cool. ?


#9 – Anime culture took over the museum and gardens… and we liked it!


#8 – Taiko thunder shook us to our cores!


#7 – We unleashed the inner samurai we always knew we possessed.


#6 – Our volunteers rocked it! 


#5 – A variety of hard-to-find Japanese eats were gathered all in one place for us to enjoy!


#4 – There was a little something for the whole family to love.


#3 – We had breathtaking views and great weather!




And finally…

#1 – Everyone’s cosplay game was ON POINT.


We’re excited to share these spectacular albums from the event—tag yourself and your friends. We want to hear all about your Hatsume adventures! Were you all decked out as your favorite character? Did you sketch out a masterpiece on our art wall? Did you eat to your heart’s content at our Japanese Food Market?

It’s hard to believe that our 2015-2016 Festival Season is now officially over, but we are happy to have these great shots to tide us over until next season (beginning with Lantern Festival this fall)! We hope to see you soon, fans!

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