A Special Thank You to Our Readers…

Dear Reader,

Thank you very much for your kind words and concerns after the recent major earthquake and tsunami devastation and in particularly for Japanese staff who works at the Morikami. There are five of us who have families in Japan. In such a devastating situation, it is a great relief that all of our hometowns and families were not directly involved in the horrific events.

Soon after news of the disasters was on the U.S. television, we received many phone calls and e-mails from friends in the U.S. The Morikami museum received condolences and sympathy cards. I have two cards here from Justina and Angelina Sadler who go to Wellington Christian School addressed to Japanese children who were affected by the tragic events. I passed these messages on to the Japanese consulate.  

During the museum’s Hatsume Fair (March 19 and 20th), our partner the Red Cross, had a tent on the festival site and collected relief funds. Thank you very much for your generous donations.

The catastrophic damages by the tsunami and earthquake in Japan are reported every day and I am extremely saddened by the heartbreaking sights and stories. Checking Japanese news on the computer, and watch TV news has been my daily morning routine since March 11. When I see or read uplifting stories of the Japanese people, I sincerely hope and pray that Japan will overcome this tragedy.

On behalf of the Japanese staff at the Morikami, I would like to say arigatō for your heartfelt messages and encouragements toward the Japanese.

Reiko Nishioka
Director of Education

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