Taiiku no Hi

By: Reiko Nishioka, Director of Education, Morikami Museum

On October 1st, Japanese people traditionally change their summer wardrobe to warmer clothes.  Even though the weather still may be warm, students change into long-sleeved shirts and jackets, and business men change to darker colored suits of  heavier materials. In Japan, this is called koromogae, a sign of fall.

Also, in early fall, the Japanese celebrate a special day. This year, this national holiday falls on Monday, October 11th.  Do you know what the Japanese are celebrating?

I will give you some hints…

  1. The day commemorates the first Olympic Games   held in Japan.
  2. The original holiday date was October 10th.
  3. Every Japanese school, and sometimes companies, hold a special event called undōkai (sports meeting) around October 10th.

Hopefully, you guessed correctly! October’s Japanese national holiday is Taiiku no Hi which means National Sports Day.

The Japanese government promotes national health and wellness, and supports athletic activities.  Many competitive sporting events are held in Japan to commemorate the day.

Do you know any other country that has an athletic day which is a national holiday?

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