Memories of Bon – A Festival like No Other

This year, Bon is August 14 from 4-9 p.m. at the Morikami. If you have never been, wear comfy shoes and clothes, arrive early and marvel at the mix of humanity – because everyone goes to Bon sooner or later. Buy tickets at

Next Month, Make A Wish Upon a Star…

OK, wishing on a star is a Disney theme, I know. But it is very fitting for a romantic (but not mushy) pastime at the Morikami. From July 7-14, a bamboo tree will be in the museum lobby for visitors to decorate with their wishes written on colored paper streamers, or tanzaku, which symbolize the weaving of threads. Tanabata is a week of wishing, so to speak, for anything you want the Universe to receive. The activity is sweet and romantic if you know a bit about the back story – Tanabata …

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Summer is Here! Time for Sushi, Strolls and Sunsets

Sushi & Stroll has evolved from a good idea to a great idea to a “why didn’t I see you at the Morikami on Friday night?” idea. It has become the perfect end to a hectic workweek, a chillaxin’ beginning to the weekend or a nature-inspired, sexy-back date night kinda thang.

Creating 10,000 Turtles

The Morikami will kick-off its new “10,000 Turtles” initiative with a taiko drumming performance by Fushu Daiko as part of Asian Heritage Night at Roger Dean Stadium. For a suggestion donation of $1, a family can purchase the materials and instructions for creating an origami turtle.

All Different Ways to Love the Morikami

A local family illustrates ways to continue loving the Morikami, in memorial, as they had a plaque for their late son included in the lobby of the museum, a place he loved.

Taking a Walk Down Taiko Memory Lane

Fushu Daiko excites Hatsume Fair audiences for the 20th time this weekend, as they take the stage at the Morikami Museum’s signature springtime festival.

Is it Worth the $12?

The Morikami Museum and Japanese need a bit of a sales job for two visitors contemplating if it was worth admission price. The blogger explains why it most definitely is worth $12!

It’s Season, Baby!

When the temperatures are moderate, the population explodes at the Morikami. See what it’s like when (if you build it), they come!