A Summer of Studio Ghibli Films: The Classics!

New Morikami Film Series Welcomes Everyone into Anime

“A Summer of Studio Ghibli Films: The Classics”

Showcased in Digitally Upgraded Theatre, June 13-August 11

The Morikami Museum maintains its reputation of being both a gateway for newcomers and a well-established venue for devoted Japanese culture enthusiasts with its newest summer film series.

Beginning Wednesday, June 13, The Morikami will screen classic gems from the Japanese filmmaker and distributor Studio Ghibli. The films, which are well-known among anime (Japanese cartoons) and manga lovers, are the perfect introduction to the genre, according to Lisa Niven, the museum’s Education Program Coordinator. That’s because the movies are relatable, animated stories that not only depict elements of Japanese lifestyle and history, but they also are pure fun – no matter your age, culture or knowledge of Studio Ghibli.

Castle in the Sky © 1986 Studio Ghibli

Whisper of the Heart  © 1995 Aoi Hiiragi / Shueisha – Studio Ghibli – NH

Studio Ghibli films tend to be bigger in Japan than Disney! (Yep, more fans than the Mouse)

“We chose the Studio Ghibli movies because they are like the Disney of Japan. Even Disney realized their greatness and made a deal with them to dub some films in English and distribute them in North America,” Niven said.

“They are movies that the youth and adults all enjoy, making this a great stepping stone to introduce anime for those who have never seen anime before. The films bring Japanese culture to the screen via beautiful imagery and aesthetics. Studio Ghibli is known for amazing attention to detail, and their films defy typical stereotypes when it comes to male and female gender roles. There can be female leading roles with depth, male leads who show vulnerability and memorable background characters. In addition, for those who are anime fans, the Studio Ghibli films are the classics that many love and would want to see on the big screen.”

Morikami makes everything easy, including Japanese film-watching

If you’re still not sure the films are for you, The Morikami has made it easy to give them a try. Niven said the G- and PG-rated films will be shown twice a day – once in Japanese with subtitles for authenticity and again dubbed in English for those who like to be introduced slowly.

“We will show each film with subtitles on Wednesdays at 11 a.m., then again in English on Saturdays at 2 p.m. – that way, you can pick what kind of experience you want to have,” she said.

The film series is also a bargain — $5 per film – or half the cost of a regular movie ticket, for the same movie-going immersion you would have at an AMC or Cinemark Theatre. The newly renovated Morikami theatre features digital film production with full surround sound.

This summer, make plans to love anime – even more…

Click here for the full schedule and trailers of “A Summer of Studio Ghibli Films: The Classics.” If you purchase a Summer Pass, you can view six films for only $20, for a $10 savings. Make plans to fall even more in love with anime or experience love at first sight at The Morikami.

Sidebar: Did you know…

… that The Morikami’s Education Program Coordinator Lisa Niven is an anime fan too? She got into Japanese culture through her appreciation of Buddhism and Japan’s distinct architecture. She also has a Master’s degree in Asian Studies. While living in Japan, she started watching the cartoons, and soon had her favorites. For many fans, the films are addictive. Just like people love their Disney characters, even more people adore their anime personalities, wearing them on clothing, dressing up like them at conferences (think Comicon for Japanese cartoons), and drawing fan art. Yep, it’s a really big thing!

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