Senbazuru Kit


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Senbazuru literally means 1,000 cranes and refers not to the wild creature, but to its delicate replication in paper, in origami.

The challenge of completing a lei of one thousand folded paper cranes is a great one, but said to be rewarded with a wish. In particular, folding a thousand paper cranes on behalf of a sick person indicates the maker’s concern and care for the sick person.

A lei of a thousand cranes strung on a thread is colorful and beautiful, and is traditionally presented to the sick person so that they may hang them in their room, or given as a wedding gift by a father to his daughter, wishing the newlywed couple a thousand years of happiness.

This cube contains 1000 sheets of colorful origami paper to complete your own lei of cranes (or anything else you might want to make).

Each sheet measures 7 x 7 cm

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