Moon by the Window by Shodo Harada


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By: Shodo Harada

Shodo Harada is recognized both as a Zen teacher and as a master of the fine art of Zen calligraphy. Zen teachers from across the globe come to further delve into Zen through studying with him, earning him a reputation as “the roshi’s roshi”—which is to say, the master’s master.

Moon by the Window is a beautiful collection of 108 pieces of Shodo Harada’s Zen masterpieces in calligraphy—assembled over decades, and drawn from the rich and poetic literature of the Zen tradition. Each work of art is accompanied by Harada Roshi’s commentaries, making each page a spiritually and aesthetically uplifting treasure.

Softcover, 249 pages

Moon by the Window by Shodo Harada

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