Itten Incense


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ITTEN (it-ten) refers to the broad sky. Surrender yourself to the fragrant atmosphere by reaching out to the sky with a sense of release. Your spirit freely wanders in the air, feeling a moment of well-being.

    • Aloeswood – Rich and deep, sweet and slightly spicy, the fragrant Jinkoh (aloeswood) tree was first written about in ancient Japanese documents from the 8th century.  From ancient times to the present, Jinkoh has been cherished as a precious Japanese fragrance
    • Sandalwood –The leaves and bark on Sandalwood have very little fragrance, however, the heartwood of sandalwood has a warm sweetness, refreshing and clean. The fragrance of sandalwood is believed to have a calming effect.
    • Lily – The lily flower is regarded as a symbol of purity and beauty, and carries a rich, white floral fragrance.
    • Chrysanthemum – A symbol of Nobility, the chrysanthemum flower is used as a Japanese imperial crest. There was a custom in Japan in which every September, people placed chrysanthemum in the room and drank sake with the flower petals in the cup in order to drive away evil spirits and to wish for longevity. It’s fragrance is a green floral, light and airy.

30 sticks/roll, Burn time Approx. 45 minutes

Made in Japan

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Aloeswood, Sandalwood, Lily, Chrysanthemum

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Itten Incense
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