Hanging Gong w/Mallet


Click here to hear gong:


Nothing has the ability to transport us to another time and place quite like the brilliant resonance of a gong. For over a thousand years, gongs of various types have played an important role in both the religious and secular music of many Asian cultures. Gongs were sounded to chase away evil spirits, warn of invading armies, heal the sick and invoke the spirits of the dead. Today, this revered instrument of warriors, emperors, princes and priests adds a special aura to any setting.

Indoors or out in the garden, this bold design will complement any decor. It’s deep resonance will soothe all who hear it.

Black finish ash wood, hand-hammered bronze and black bull’s-eye gong, mallet. Handcrafted using traditional methods.

Measure 30” overall length x 20” wide. Gong diameter is 13”