Gold Leaf Mino Ware Sake Set


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Mino ware (called Mino yaki in Japanese) is a ceramic ware produced in the Tono area of Gifu prefecture. It has a long history and tradition but has adapted to modern life style. A notable feature of Mino ware is its wide variety of pottery. Mino ware does not maintain a single style, but instead has over 15 types of pottery registered as traditional crafts.

This striking sake set features an artfully shaped bottle with divots called ekubo on each side to perfectly fit the hand. Accompanying the bottle are two cups, all glazed in black with splashes of pure gold.


  • Sake bottle:  3½” (8.45cm), height 4½” (11cm), capacity 17.2 fl.oz (510ml)
  • Sake cup:  2½” (6.5cm), height 1½” (3.3cm)

Handmade in Japan.

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Gold Leaf Mino Ware Sake Set
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