Embroidered Koi Tee Shirt


Sizes: S,M,L, XL and XXL ($25)

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Koi fish can be seen on Yamato Island at Morikami, and they delight our visitors year round.  This tee shows two koi swimming gracefully in a pool of blue.  The kanji for Koi is embroidered in brick red on the upper corner of the design.

Koi, or nishikigoi in Japanese, symbolize prosperity, masculinity and strength of character. The Japanese believe that a true man is courageous, shows no fear, and is able to face challenges in face of adversity-much like the Koi’s reaction when a fisherman already holds it captive. This symbolism is reflected in the annual Boys’ Day Festival in Japan with the Koi as its iconic symbol.

100% Cotton, made exclusively for Morikami Museum & Japanese Gardens.

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