Donabe – Brown Maple Leaf


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Donabe –literally earthenware pots in Japanese – are an essential tool in Japanese kitchens.  Made of clay, they are used to both cook and to serve one-pot meals.  The essential ingredient for any donabe made meal is liquid – whether water or broth based.  Donabe can be used on both gas and electric stovetops, in the oven or microwave, or even on a portable burner tableside to make shabu shabu!

From steamed rice to savory stews and curries, you will enjoy the ease of using our Maple Leaf Donabe.  Glazed in a dark brown, the lid is decorated with delicate white maple leaves on the top and underside of the lid.   Donabe are so attractively decorated that they can go from the oven to your dining room table and are dishwasher safe and made in Japan. Our Maple Leaf Donabe is available in 2 sizes:

Small: measures approximately 8 ½” diameter  x 5” h with lid on.
Large: measures approximately 9 3/4” diameter  5 ½” h with lid on.

Made in Japan


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