Cinnabar Heart Ring


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This ring is adjustable in size and bezel set in high quality .95 sterling silver. The cinnabar heart is adorned with carved flowers and measures 3/8” deep and 1 1/4” across at the widest point.

About Cinnabar…
The bright red mineral, cinnabar, (mercury sulfide) has a long history in Asia. The first cinnabar carvings were crafted during the Ming Dynasty of 1368-1644.

In 1609, the Japanese gave control of cinnabar mining to an official sanctioned guild.

Up until the beginning of the twentieth century, cinnabar was a mined mineral. Then, it was discovered that this mineral contained mercury.

In Japan, artisans generally carved wood first and then added a thin coat of lacquer with a second thin coat of another color on top producing intricate and beautiful carvings in a deep rich color. It was cinnabar that was used to give the distinctive red color to the create lacquer used in this decorating process.

Today’s cinnabar jewelry is formed and produced from a dyed red resin which is derived and made from a tree sap found in China and it contains no harmful mineral material.

Cinnabar Heart Ring
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