Jade and Silk Cording Bracelet


Colors: Brown and Green



The bracelet shown here is decorated with carved jade beads and the Chinese sign of the Dao or Tao.  The Tao is “the way” or “the path” and is associated with a life of simplicity and in harmony with the natural world.  The bracelet is adjustable by tightening or loosening the silk cords and is available in green  or brown.  Due to the unique nature of the jade beads used, the color will vary slightly.

Our collection of Sherrie Wang jewelry is a favorite with our customers.  Her designs are distinguished by her use of jade accent pieces and beads highlighted with silk threads using a Chinese knotting technique.  (This Chinese knotting technique found its way into Japanese crafts as ”kumihimo”, a braiding technique using silk threads.)    Many of the jade pieces are hand carved from Sherrie’s own designs by family craftsmen.  She then carefully chooses the colors of the silk threads to complement her designs.

About Jade

Exchanges between China and Japan date back some 7000 years according to archeologists.  Jade, abundant in China, found its way into Japan & had been used mostly for religious objects in Japan.  While it is a beautiful decorative stone, whether used for religious objects or personal adornment, there is also the belief that jade is lucky stone attracting good health, wealth and love.

Shipped in silk drawstring pouch.