Cherry Blossom Tea Set


This item is shipped in a gift box.

This boxed 5 piece set includes 4 teacups plus teapot.

The teapot and cups are decorated with light blue watercolor-like glaze with a sponged-effect. Next, a pale taupe-grey has been “brushed” around the body of the teapot and the cups. All are trimmed in brown. The cherry blossom design is only on the lid.

This high quality porcelain teapot has an approx. capacity of 725 ml or 24.7 fl. oz. and includes a leaf strainer built into the teapot (on the inside at the spout) and an attachable Rattan wrapped bamboo & wire handle.

The Rattan wrapped bamboo & wire handle has two bendable ends which can be easily attached to the teapot. Here’s the hint that we give to all of our customers in the store: attach the handle at the spout end first!

Each cup measures 3 ¼” in diameter and 2 ½” in height. Each cup holds approx. 4 fluid oz.

Food Safe; Made in Japan.