Bath Sachet- Yuzu


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Add this sachet to your next bath to enjoy an authentic yuzuyu (yuzu bath) at home.

Enjoy the natural aroma of yuzu essential oil and yuzu peel from Kochi Prefecture while taking a warm bath with Setouchi salt and organic argan oil to moisten and soften your skin.  The inner bag prevents the rind from being scattered in the hot water, making it easy to enjoy an authentic yuzu bath at home. 100% naturally derived ingredients.

A yuzu bath, also known as a yuzuyu , is a bathing tradition that is celebrated on the winter solstice in Japan. Yuzu fruits, citrus fruit of East Asian origin known for their characteristically strong aroma and the fragrant oil from their skin (nomilin), are floated in the hot water of the bath, releasing their aroma. Yuzu baths are believed to guard against colds, treat the roughness of skin, warm the body, and relax the mind.

40g sachet, Made in Japan.

Full ingredient list:

Sodium chloride, yuzu peel, yuzu peel oil, and argania spinosa kernel oil


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Bath Sachet- Yuzu
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