Oshogatsu 2019 Volunteer Application


Sunday, January 13th, 2019     

Oshogatsu is a festival to commemorate the New Year, which is Japan’s most important and celebrated holiday. We ring in our annual New Year’s celebration with the tastes, sights and sounds that define the traditional Japanese New Year as well as our own.

By submitting this application, you are affirming your commitment to volunteer at the Oshogatsu Festival, and promise to arrive on time and perform the duties requested of you to the best of your ability, for the duration of your volunteer shift. If you have any questions, or cannot honor your commitment to volunteer, as soon as possible please email mmvols@pbcgov.org or call Diane at 561-233-1331. Confirmation letter with a parking pass and other details will be sent out two weeks before the festival. If you have not received this information by January 4th, please email or call Diane. SUBMIT an application as soon as possible, as positions do fill up!

*A complimentary volunteer meal will be provided only, to volunteers working both shifts. If you are only working one shift please bring a bag lunch or be prepared to eat on the festival grounds or the at the museum’s Cornell Café. As a courtesy, and as an additional thank you, VOLUNTEERS will be able to purchase half-priced food tickets at volunteer check-in and later at Food & Beverages Sales Tent #2. These food tickets are valid with the festival food vendors or at the museum’s Cornell Café (day of the festival only). Purchasing these tickets will save you money and time waiting in the food ticket purchase line.

*Palm Beach County and Morikami Inc, do not allow volunteers with court-ordered community service.

Oshogatsu 2019 Volunteer Application

  • (This name will appear on your name badge.)
  • (If Applicable)
  • For Students Needing School-Required Community Service Credit

    (You must be at least 14 years old to volunteer without a parent or guardian)
  • (Please choose one)
  • Most of the following areas are located outside on festival grounds. Please select your top three preferences. Please understand, positions will be assigned on a first come, first served basis. Thank you!
  • *I hereby grant Palm Beach County and its Parks and Recreation Department as well as The Morikami Inc. permission to use photographs of me and/or my child(ren) to promote Palm Beach County’s park system and The Morikami Inc. (ie, promotional printed materials, informational displays, web site, slide presentations, etc.) In connection therewith, I release and hold harmless Palm Beach County, the Parks & Recreation Department, The Morikami Inc. and their agents, servants or employees from any and all claims and causes of action for circumstances resulting from use of above photographs and/or statements, and any injuries, damages or losses connected with my services while in the volunteer program. I understand that I may be asked to volunteer at another area, if the one I request is full.