Gift of Tea Bowls from Renowned Artist Ohi Chozaemon XI

On January 23, 2019, renowned Japanese potter Mr. Ohi (Toshio) Chozaemon XI visited the Morikami. Born in Kanazawa City, Ishikawa Prefecture in 1958, he is the 11th in the Ohi yaki (Ohi pottery) lineage of traditional craftsmen. His family craft dates back to 1666 and is best known for producing tea bowls and other utensils used for sado (tea ceremony). He creates his ceramic wares, as his forefathers did, using the soft clay found in the hills outside the town. Each piece is shaped by hand–no wheels are used–and fired in the …

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Holiday Gift Giving Ideas

The holidays are about enjoying the fun and festivities with family and friends, not long shopping lines and short tempers. So to help our patrons get the most out of their holiday experience, we’ve put together a few gift giving ideas to help lighten your burden during this season of giving. The Green Thumbs Winter in South Florida? Let’s face it, you’re more likely to see an alligator climbing a fence than snow fall on the peninsula. And with nearly year-round perfect weather, there’s bound to be someone on your list who …

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‘Tis the Season at the Morikami Museum Store

You love Morikami for our beautiful gardens and unique exhibitions, but you’ll also love us for filling your shopping bags as we descend on a busy season of holiday shopping starting this November! First, get a head start on your shopping list during  the Museum Store Season Preview Sale from November 9 – 11. Morikami members save 20 percent on all regular priced merchandise. Whether you need a hostess gift, holiday gifts or just a little something for yourself, now is the time to indulge. Not a member? Join here. After splurging at …

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Having Back to School Nostalgia? Class is in Session for the Culturally Curious at The Morikami!

Going back to class isn’t just for grade-school and college kids. At the Morikami Museum and Japanese Gardens, everyone can enjoy a hands-on experience, so whether you are looking for entertainment, interested in learning a new craft or just culturally curious we have something for you.  There are with a variety of new workshops, discussions and films. The educational team at the Morikami has introduced innovative, interactive workshops that will teach you how to create with bamboo and leave your mark on stone. New film series and discussions will enlighten you to …

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A Summer of Studio Ghibli Films: The Classics!

New Morikami Film Series Welcomes Everyone into Anime “A Summer of Studio Ghibli Films: The Classics” Showcased in Digitally Upgraded Theatre, June 13-August 11 The Morikami Museum maintains its reputation of being both a gateway for newcomers and a well-established venue for devoted Japanese culture enthusiasts with its newest summer film series. Beginning Wednesday, June 13, The Morikami will screen classic gems from the Japanese filmmaker and distributor Studio Ghibli. The films, which are well-known among anime (Japanese cartoons) and manga lovers, are the perfect introduction to the genre, according to Lisa …

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Why are Dolls a Big Deal in Japan?

On Saturday, March 3, we will be celebrating Hina Matsuri at Morikami with all-day fun for the entire family. But, are you familiar with the significance of Doll’s (or Girls’) Day in Japan? Hina Matsuri (ひな祭り), also known as Momo no Sekku (桃の節句) is Doll’s Day or Girls’ Day in Japan, a traditional holiday celebrated on March 3rd. The holiday’s origin derived from a practice during the Heian period (794-1185) in which families sent straw or paper dolls in small boats down the river. It was believed these dolls became effigies that kept children …

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Modern Hishimochi Recipe 

It’s hard for our staffers to not eat, sleep and breathe all things Japan when our colleague (and resident sweet maker) Amanda, brought in this delicious cheesecake treat! She kindly shared the recipe- we hope you enjoy it as much as we did!

This recipe comes from the Aloha State, Hawaii. With one of the largest Japanese and Japanese-American populations in the US, the islands are home to some creative takes on traditional Japanese sweets. As cheesecake is popular in both Japan and the US, this dish is the perfect dessert to carry on the symbolism of the season wherever you are.

5 Morikami Holiday Experiences for the Person Who Has Everything 

We all know that person. She has everything already. He’s so hard to shop for. But… they like to do things, go places and feel good supporting the arts. You’re in luck because we have just what you need to make them happy this holiday season. Here are 5 gift ideas for the person who just likes to have fun! Happy Holidays from The Morikami Museum and Japanese Gardens!

Help Restore Our Gardens

Dear Friends of the Morikami, Hurricane Irma came roaring through Florida, leaving in its wake a path of devastation and destruction. I hope that you and your loved ones are moving forward and are able to overcome the challenges that this fierce storm created. It is heartening to see our communities pulling together and helping each other to overcome the damages by instituting the necessary repairs. Once Irma had passed the Morikami, staff and I ventured into our beautiful Japanese Gardens and we were saddened to see the level of damage and …

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Headline: 5 Things That Make Hatsume Hatsume

Like your favorite holiday, Hatsume Fair only comes once a year, so let’s plan this out. Otherwise, you’ll have to wait another 364 days before you get to do all of the things that make Hatsume Hatsume. In other words, there is no other festival like it. Hatsume Fair April 1 & 2 10 a.m.-5 p.m. Rain or Shine (preferably Shine) Purchase Tickets Here

TEA DAY | お茶の日

Celebrate the culture of the wide world of tea at Morikami! Tea Day includes tea tasting, storytelling for the family, and Tea Talks—a lecture series with green tea experts Candice Kumai and ITO EN’s Rona Tison.