Holiday Gift Giving Ideas

The holidays are about enjoying the fun and festivities with family and friends, not long shopping lines and short tempers. So to help our patrons get the most out of their holiday experience, we’ve put together a few gift giving ideas to help lighten your burden during this season of giving. The Green Thumbs Winter in South Florida? Let’s face it, you’re more likely to see an alligator climbing a fence than snow fall on the peninsula. And with nearly year-round perfect weather, there’s bound to be someone on your list who …

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Having Back to School Nostalgia? Class is in Session for the Culturally Curious at The Morikami!

Going back to class isn’t just for grade-school and college kids. At the Morikami Museum and Japanese Gardens, everyone can enjoy a hands-on experience, so whether you are looking for entertainment, interested in learning a new craft or just culturally curious we have something for you.  There are with a variety of new workshops, discussions and films. The educational team at the Morikami has introduced innovative, interactive workshops that will teach you how to create with bamboo and leave your mark on stone. New film series and discussions will enlighten you to …

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Our Summer Music Program is Major Key!

This summer Morikami is alive with the sound of music as we embark on our second annual Children’s Summer Camp and Guest Artist Workshops: Japanese Traditional Music Program for Adults. Both music programs are perfect for adults and children who are passionate about music and experiencing Japanese culture (from the convenience of Delray Beach).

School is in Session!

Have you been wanting to learn a new instrument, create some awesome indigo tie-dye, or become a gift wrapping ninja? Morikami offers an assortment of Japanese cultural and art classes and workshops taught by experienced instructors. Check out some of our classes and workshops below:


Morikami needs your help to preserve the culturally-rich programming we provide year-round! 

Bamboo In Japanese Culture and Art

Bamboo is a ubiquitous part of Japanese culture, and is an important material both in everyday life and in art. In fact, the Morikami’s collection is full of pieces made of bamboo, one of which is a basket made by master bamboo artist, Shochiku Tanabe (see below). In advance of Shochiku’s sold out basket making workshop on April 7, we spoke with our former Director of Education and bamboo expert, Reiko Nishioka, who gave us some insight on why bamboo is such an important part of Japanese art and culture, as well as her knowledge …

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Add Some Artistry to Your Holidays – Japanese Gift Wrap

Japan is famous for its culture of craftsmanship, and one of its most important crafts is paper. So it’s no surprise that the intersection of Japan’s rich culture of gift giving and its love and reverence for paper would be intricate and beautiful gift wrapping. The art of gift wrap, or tsutsumu, is an important part of any exchange of gifts. The paper you choose, the contrast of colors and textures, the ribbon, string or bows you add, and the folds, pleats and designs you create with the wrapping let the recipient know, …

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Get More Morikami – Join the Membership Family!

Though summer’s considered “slow season” at Morikami, with the kids out of school and vacations on the horizon, we know this is one of the best times for our guests to visit. So, why not join the Morikami family and get more out of each visit? Not only do members enjoy free admission every day, each membership level offers exclusive benefits that allow you to curate your own Morikami experience. And, as we barrel toward our season kick-off, there are even more reasons to join! Visit our membership page for full details, …

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Bunny Origami

Since the Museum is closed this Sunday for Easter we thought it would be great to show you how to make an origami rabbit. But we couldn’t pick just one, so here are some of our favorite origami bunnies (and a carrot!) to brighten your day in lieu of being able to enjoy the gardens. We’ll start with the simplest project – the carrot: And here’s ours The carrot should be simple enough for younger children (though they may need some help when it comes time to fold the stem). We suggest …

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Our Own Ikebana

Last week, Morikami staff and volunteers sat down to a display of flower stems, bright green stalks and a puzzling diagram of shapes and dashes – a blueprint for ikebana, Japanese flower arrangement.  Cheiko Mihori, Founder and Director of the Florida Branch of the Sogetsu School of Ikebana, would guide us in making our own. Ikebana is all about angles, we learned.  The three main elements of the arrangement stand at three different angles from a straight imaginary line down the middle.  But of course, we’re dealing with three dimensions;   each element …

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