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Welcome to the new and improved! As a paid Morikami member, you have always been entitled to 10% off Museum Store purchases, among many other benefits. In order to make it even easier for you to receive your member discount in the online store, and on some of our educational programming, we’ll need you to register as a member on our site. Simply create a username and password, enter your email address (this must be the same email address associated with your membership) and check your email for the account activation link. Our membership department will verify your member status once you submit the form below, so please be sure to enter your membership number, or if you are a new member, the zipcode associated with your membership at the time of purchase. 

You’ll automatically see your online discounts whenever you login to the site. As we continue to develop our new site you’ll also have access to members-only content with the same log-in information you set up here.

If you do not have an email address please call us to set up your member account at 561-495-0233

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