Nihongo: Japanese Level I Intensive Workshops

The Nihongo: Japanese Intensive Workshops are a fast-paced introductory series consisting of three 2-day sessionsThe full series can be taken as an alternative to the entire Nihongo: Introduction to Japanese Level I Class series. Students who complete all three workshops will be ready for Nihongo: Introduction to Japanese Level II Class. *

This workshop is an introduction to the Japanese language. It covers the basics, an introduction to hiragana, and Unit 1 of the required text. There are no prerequisites for this workshop. Students who take workshop 1-A may continue to Nihongo Intensive II Workshop or the Nihongo Level I Part 2 class. Students who take workshop 1-B must continue to Nihongo Intensive Workshop II, as it overlaps with the Nihongo Level I Part 2 class.

Required Textbooks: Japanese for Busy People I, Revised 3rd Edition, Kana Version (ISBN-13: 978-1568363851) and Kana Workbook (ISBN-13: 978-1568364018).

*Please note the lesson plan material for this workshop is the same as taking the Nihongo Level I – Part 1 classes, just at a much faster pace.  Please see the syllabus below for more information.
Nihongo 2019 / 2020 Syllabus and Required TextbooksTextbook Online Supplements


  • Choose only 1 of the two workshops offered (1-A or 1-B).
  • Required to take this workshop before registering for Nihongo Intensive II Workshop.

  • Required to take this workshop before registering for Nihongo Intensive III Workshop.

Required to take this workshop (or) Nihongo Level I Classes before registering for Nihongo Level II Classes.


Sumiko Uo is a Japan-born educator who currently teaches at Florida Atlantic University and taught previously at Florida International University. A student of language and traditional Japanese cultural arts, Ms. Uo has taught Japanese language, calligraphy, literature and cinema to both children and adults. Her classes will appeal to beginners, as well as those with basic knowledge of Japanese.