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Dear Friends of the Morikami,

Hurricane Irma came roaring through Florida, leaving in its wake a path of devastation and destruction. I hope that you and your loved ones are moving forward and are able to overcome the challenges that this fierce storm created. It is heartening to see our communities pulling together and helping each other to overcome the damages by instituting the necessary repairs.

Once Irma had passed the Morikami, staff and I ventured into our beautiful Japanese Gardens and we were saddened to see the level of damage and substantial loss of mature canopy trees we had sustained. It was a heart breaking experience to see the broken limbs, uprooted trees, decimated paths and displaced wildlife. Together the museum’s staff, many of our museum volunteers, and volunteers from the county have been working together to clear away the debris and make the repairs that enabled us to reopen the gardens to the public. Though we are now fully reopen, there is still a massive amount of work to be done. Please help us to meet the significant cost of these repairs. Donations large or small will help us get our Roji-en gardens back to their previous beauty.


Celia Zahringer

President, Morikami, Inc.

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