Headline: 5 Things That Make Hatsume Hatsume

Like your favorite holiday, Hatsume Fair only comes once a year, so let’s plan this out. Otherwise, you’ll have to wait another 364 days before you get to do all of the things that make Hatsume Hatsume.

In other words, there is no other festival like it.

5) Taiko, taiko, taiko:

The signature sound of Morikami’s festivals are the thundering rhythms of taiko drums, and Hatsume Fair will not disappoint. Ronin Taiko and Fushu Daiko will alternate making your heart pound in your chest, taking the stage throughout both days. If you’ve never seen taiko drummers in action, set your watch to alert you about 30 minutes before the next scheduled performance because the seats fill up quickly. And if you’ve seen the drummers in action before, still set the watch. You know it never gets old.

4) Martial arts demonstrations:

We’ve got a little Ninja in us, right? Watching a belted competitor throw his or her opponent to the mat is just good, old-fashioned fun. Located inside The Morikami Theater, the demonstrations feature all ages and martial arts styles from students throughout the state, so be prepared to be inspired, if not a little intimidated.

3) The T-shirt:

Emblazoned with The Morikami’s customized designs for 2017, the Hatsume T-shirt is a keepsake, a donation to the arts and a cultural fashion statement. You can bring in your own shirts and have them screened printed with the exclusive Brian Reedy design; the first one is FREE, $5 per shirt after. Or you can buy one on the spot for $10 from the Fine Print Shoppe in the Anime Arena.

2) Festival Marketplace and Kids’ Zone:

Like to shop? Like to jump around with other kids? Like to eat food on sticks? Like to make stuff that mom has to put on the refrigerator (or give to grandma)? Like to eat food in bowls? We can do this all day… It’s all at Hatsume’s Marketplace and Kids’ Zone.

1) Cosplay contest:

And finally, Hatsume’s most colorful, whimsical, unique and playful element – people in anime costumes, competing for prizes and just walking around looking cool. On April 2, the cosplay gets serious with a costume contest, sponsored by Tate’s Comics and 3000 Brigade. Do you have what it takes to win?

Hatsume Fair

April 1 & 2
10 a.m.-5 p.m.
Rain or Shine (preferably Shine)
Purchase Tickets Here

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