Happening at Hatsume: Delicious Craft Beer & Sake Selections

Japanese craft beer has really made a name for itself over the last few years, in part, because opening a microbrewery in Japan is fairly simple as compared to in the U.S., and partially because Japan has a history (and culture) of producing high-quality and hand-crafted products. At Hatsume we’ll be bringing you craft beers from Japan’s very first microbrewery – Echigo! For those of you who are more sake inclined, we’ll be serving up some special spring options as well as a few long-time favorites. Read on for the detailed menu and a more info about a our special guest –  Mr. Shingo Kurito from Japan’s Kizakura Brewery – who will be joining us for the festivities! Don’t forget to check out part 1, and part 2 of this Happening at Hatsume Series, and be sure to check back for more on Tuesday!

Kirin Beer Garden

Draft Kirin Ichiban – 5 tickets ($5)

Kirin Ichiban is a Morikami favorite. As one of Japan’s most prominent and respected breweries its history dates back to 1888. In that time, the name Kirin has become synonymous in Japan, and around the world, with beer of the highest quality

Bottled Kirin Light – 4 tickets ($4)

With just 95 calories and a surprisingly full-bodied taste, Kirin Light is one of the world’s great light beers. Using the finest two row barley malt, and European noble hops, creates a surprisingly full-bodied, refreshingly smooth taste, which has made Kirin Light the #1 Japanese beer in the U.S.

Bottled Craft Echigo – 8 tickets ($8)

Echigo beer is Japan’s first microbrewery and has contributed multiple award winning flavors to the craft beer scene. At Hatsume, we’ll be featuring Echigo’s Red Ale, Stout and Koshihikari – which is a beer brewed with koshihikari rice (one of the most sought after strains of Japanese rice), making it extremely low in gluten.

Sake Station

Premium Sake Selections – 5 Tickets ($5)

  • Tozai Typhoon – Typhoon is a futsuushu, or table sake, and makes a great substitute for vodka or gin to give cocktails an Asian twist.
  • Tozai Living Jewel – This junmai (the third highest grade of sake) is named after the koi fish, Japan’s living jewels, because it sparkles on the palate with its long, clean finish and aromas of white grape, anise and white pepper.
  • Tozai Blossoms of Peace – This is the only ume-shu crafted with premium sake (rather than the more common shochu) and the region’s highest quality shiro-kaga (ripe green plums).
  • Tozai Snow Maiden – Snow Maiden is our only nigori (unfiltered, or cloudy, sake) selection for this festival, and Snow Maiden is a great example of the lovely combination of fruity aromas and richness that nigori should offer.

Specialty Sake Selections – 7 Tickets ($7)

  • Dewatsuru Sakura Emaki – Another futsuushu option, this specialty sake is made with a famous, and ancient, blush colored rice strain that gives it a distinctive cherry blossom color. With elegant aromas of cherry and plum blossoms this is the perfect sip for our spring celebration.
  • Konteki Tears of Dawn – Junmai daiginjo, is the highest level of the premium sake grades, and Tears of Dawn is a great example of the category. It’s from one of Japan’s smallest breweries and is made made with Yamada Nishiki, which is considered the pinnacle of premium sake rice.

Sake Flight – 8 Tickets ($8)

Can’t choose just one? Try three 2-oz pours of our most popular premium sake options – Living Jewel, Blossoms of Peace and Snow Maiden!

Meet the Brewer

As a special treat, Mr. Shingo Kurito from Japan’s Kizakura Brewery will be on hand to answer questions about his brewery and sake in general. He’ll also be part of our Sake Stage’s panel discussions about sake brewing, and pairing sake with different cuisines. Be sure to stop by the Sake Station and Sake Stage to hear more about Mr. Kurito’s brewery and the brands he represents!

Check back Tuesday for the next installment of the Happening at Hatsume series, where we’ll discuss our costume and fashion show contests, and don’t forget to get your weekend pass!

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