Go Global This Shopping Season at The Museum Store

Do people celebrate Christmas in Japan? You bet they do! Since there are so few Christians in the country, the holiday has more to do with fun and festivities than the Nativity. So, if you were looking for a reason to shop the season at The Museum Store, you now have one, along with a wide variety of whimsical, unique and colorful gift ideas.

The Museum Store has hundreds of items available online, and more than 4,000 offered in-store. However, we’ve narrowed down the top picks to these six:

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Yin Yang incense burner 3
1) For your favorite couple: The Yin and Yang incense burner beautifully symbolizes the opposing characteristics of yin and yang that appear in most things and is the universal symbol of the Taoist philosophy. $30
sushi purse
2) For the fashionista: For the lady who always arrives to lunch looking perfectly poised, we present the sushi purse. Digitally printed on canvas, each purse is handcrafted and signed by the artist Kent Stetson. Kent believes “that a great handbag can engage people in the same way as art.” Each bag is fully lined and can be worn as a clutch or shoulder bag. $165
3) For the child with a global view: Originating in northern Japan, Kokeshi are wooden dolls without arms and legs that date back to the early 19th century. Today, they are collectibles, which are often signed by the artist. The Museum Store carries adorable pint-sized Kokeshi with each a Paint Me Kokeshi! easy-to-do craft kit. Each gift has everything a child needs to design and paint his or her own special doll. Recommended for ages 5-12. $25
4) For the foodie: Did you ever want to eat your words? Now you can – almost! Foodie notepads look good enough to eat and are boxed and ready to go as a great gift. Made in Japan. Choose from Pepperoni Pizza Slice, Plain Bagel, Everything Bagel and Oatbran Bagel. $14
5 ) For the dreamer: What’s more appropriate than a gift of good wishes? The wishkeeper is one of The Museum Store’s most popular items because it is a fun, kind-hearted way to impart good wishes. Just place a written wish in the ceramic keeper and let it work its magic. $18
Granite Jizo
5) For anyone: The granite Jizo statue is another way to send good vibes to your loved ones. The Japanese divinity guides travelers, helps people make decisions and is thought to answer prayers. $90

Museum Store Manager Susan Keller offers these tips to shopping at what she calls “The Cheers of Retail,” because at The Morikami, everyone knows your name.

  • Arrive early. The Museum Store becomes more crowded after noon. The Morikami opens at 10 a.m. Tuesday-Sunday; closed Mondays and major holidays.
  • Browse online. A few hundreds items are offered at http://morikami.org/store ranging in price from $2-$1500.
  • Just shop: Visitors who just want to shop The Museum Store can specify and not pay full admission to The Morikami. For questions, call 561-498-8216.

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