Holiday Gift Giving Ideas

The holidays are about enjoying the fun and festivities with family and friends, not long shopping lines and short tempers. So to help our patrons get the most out of their holiday experience, we’ve put together a few gift giving ideas to help lighten your burden during this season of giving.

The Green Thumbs

Winter in South Florida? Let’s face it, you’re more likely to see an alligator climbing a fence than snow fall on the peninsula. And with nearly year-round perfect weather, there’s bound to be someone on your list who enjoys the outdoors, someone who’s looking to get a little dirt under their fingernails.


First on our list are these self-watering, cute, stylish planters called Peropons. The perfect gift for that special someone looking for a low-maintenance plant to adorn their office window, or maybe the niece or nephew in your life showing a budding interest in nature.

Bonsai Seed Kit and Clippers

You don’t have to have the patience of Buddha to appreciate the delicate art of bonsai (though it might help). But for anyone looking for a little challenge and a lot of enlightenment, this Bonsai Seed Kit and Clippers are sure to please.

Granite Jizo Statue

For the person who already has the garden of their dreams and is looking to add a little flair, we suggest this one of a kind Granite Jizo Statue. A protector children, Jizo is sure to keep a watchful eye on your seedlings and shrubs.

Inner Peace… And Quiet

If there’s anyone on your list that prefers the company of a good book and a cozy couch over the crowds and noise of the movies or a concert, these next couple items are sure to please.

Iron Teapot

Create your own private Japanese Tea Ceremony, and unwind after a long, stressful day at work with a nice cup of tea poured from this exquisitely crafted Iron Teapot.

The Way of Tea

For anyone looking to dig deeper into the history of tea, we suggest The Way of Tea: Reflections on a Life with Tea. This book shows modern readers how one can bring serenity to their daily life by echoing the teachings of the ancient tea masters in modern day. (Spoiler: It doesn’t necessarily involve living in a remote hut in the mountains.)

Stocking Stuffers

Maybe you already found the perfect gift and you’re all done. Who are you kidding? You’re never done. But maybe you just need that little extra something to make this holiday one to remember.

Sushi Eraser Set

This Sushi Eraser Set is a great for the student headed back to school after a nice winter break, or the artist looking to add a little pizzazz to their pencil box. (Just don’t use them around lunch time. They do look delicious.)

Jigzle 3D Paper Puzzles

For those who like a little challenge with their presents, these Jigzle 3D Paper Puzzles are sure to delight. They come in a variety of animal shapes making them the perfect ornament to display your mastery, once you’ve completed them of course.

Mini Gold Buddha Snow Globe

Burl Ives (Think the singing Snowman from Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer) can keep his silver, but we’ll take this Mini Gold Buddha Snow Globe. A great gift, fit to adorn that special someone’s nightstand or desk.

The Gift of Morikami

Finally we come to the people on your list looking to broaden their minds. Those seeking to stay educated and inspired through cultural experiences.

The Way of Taiko

Know any Little Drummer Boys/Girls? In January and April we’ll be hosting The Way of Taiko, a workshop introducing participants to the history and practice of taiko drumming, including basic taiko drumming techniques.

Bamboo Basket-Weaving

While we don’t offer a class in underwater basket weaving, our Bamboo Basket-Weaving workshop, taught by master craftsman, Akihiro Mashimo, combines the traditional techniques and contemporary design aesthetics to help you create your very own bamboo artwork.

The Gift of Membership

What better way to delve into Japanese culture than with a Membership to the Morikami. Our seven diverse gardens, award-winning cafe, ever-changing museum exhibits and bonsai collection will rejuvenate the body and mind. Not only that, members save 10% in the Cornell Cafe and Museum Store. Its the gift that keeps on giving all year long.

New Year’s Festival

Looking to get out for the day and immerse yourself in a one of a kind celebration? Look no further than our New Year’s Oshogatsu Festival. Taiko drumming shows, the Shishimai lion-dance, and a variety of Pan-Asian food vendors help us ring in the new year in style.

These are just a few ideas we thought we would share with you, but there are hundreds of other gifts and experiences available at the Morikami that are sure to please the culturally inclined people in your family. For a larger list of events and shopping ideas visit us in person, or online at Happy Holidays!

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