Mori Stories: Kamishibai Folktales

Mori Stories will take place in the Kamiya Room, unless stated otherwise. No reservations needed.
Readings start at 1:00pm (Lasts approximately an hour with the activity.)
Bring the whole family and delve into the world of Japanese folklore or stories through kamishibai, Paper Theater. Join us for a reading of these classic stories. Reading starts on the hour with a short related activity to follow.


October 6th, 2022: “The Magic Rice Paddle”

A comical tale in which an old woman escapes from the Oni. Her escape is aided by a magic rice paddle, which also helps her feed poor hungry neighbors.

January 5th, 2023: “The Rabbit on the Moon”

Hear the tale that explains why we see the shape of a rabbit on the moon’s surface in this cute kamishibai.

April 6th, 2023: “The Tongue-Cut Sparrow”

An old woman is jealous of the attention that her husband lavishes on a pet sparrow. Later he and his wife reap the consequences of their actions.


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