We will not be offering the Ikebana: Sogetsu School Advanced classes this 2017-2018 season.  Please consider taking the Beginners classes or Ikebana: Ikenobo School as an alternative school of study. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Please Note: This class is for experienced students who will primarily do free form arrangements. There is limited basic instruction therefore Ikebana: Sogetsu School – Beginners is a prerequisite for this class.

Flower arranging, ikebana, is a traditional Japanese art form spanning centuries. Ikebana has various different schools of study, each with unique philosophies and aesthetics. The Sogetsu School is a contemporary school which focuses on the creativity and individuality of ikebana. The idea is that ikebana can be done by anyone, anywhere, with almost anything.

Students in this course expand on their existing knowledge of the principles and styles of the Sogetsu School, creating fresh flower arrangements each week to take home and enjoy. This is primarily a free form class.



  • 4-week session: $70 ($60 members)
  • 3-week session:* $52.50 ($45 members)


  • 4-week session: $60
  • 3-week session:* $45

Please pay the flower fee to instructor via cash or check on first day of class.

Ikebana: Sogetsu School – Beginners and instructor approval.

Oki Education Center


  • Bring your own Ikebana flower scissors and pin holders (kenzan)
  • Bring free form Moribana or Nageire containers
  • Sogetsu textbooks 3 & 4

Advanced students are encouraged to bring their own flowers/materials. If using flowers from the instructor, please inform the instructor and the museum while registering at least 3 days before the start of class, without advance notice no flowers will be available for you.

*Materials can be purchased in the classroom


Instructor Chieko Mihori is a Sogetsu teacher of the highest rank and recipient of several Sogetsu awards of distinction. Soei is her professional teacher name. She has studied with Sogetsu founder, Sofu Teshigahara, his daughter, Kasumi, and his son, Hiroshi, late headmaster of the Sogetsu School. Mrs. Mihori is an ardent instructor and supporter of The Morikami since its founding.